About Us

GET ADMITTED® is a U.S. University/College Application and Admissions Consultancy Company based in the United States. We provide sophisticated, comprehensive and highly individualized professional admission expertise to International Students seeking admission to U.S. Universities or Colleges.

Our University/College Application/Admissions Consultancy and Educational Planning is offered in English or Spanish to an exclusive and select clientele of International Students (and their families) who are committed to increasing their competitive advantage for being admitted and attending a U.S. University/College.

We work directly one-on-one with current international high school students and recent international high school graduates who are seeking admission to U.S. Universities/Colleges, including international university students currently attending an institution in their own country and would like to make application for admission and transfer to a U.S. University/College.

We also provide our specialized University/College Application and Admissions Consultancy services to those international students and professionals who are seeking to attend a U.S. University and obtain an advanced graduate degree.

We work with the student based on their individual needs, resources and requirements to pinpoint, develop and implement an Individual and Customized Strategic U.S. University/College Application/Admissions and Educational Plan to maximize their chances for admission to those schools of their choice!

If you are an International Student who is seeking to attend a U.S. University/College undergraduate degree program(s) or graduate degree program(s), GET ADMITTED® will assist you to formulate an overall Strategic University/College Application and Admission Plan to substantially increase your admissions prospects!