Exclusive Services

GET ADMITTED® works one-on-one and become personally familiar with our client’s individual goals and objectives.  We formulate a successful University/College Admissions/Application and Educational Plan.  We address any possible concerns in a professional and candid manner to keep your student both focused and engaged.

Our exclusive services are not intended for the majority of International Students seeking admission to a U.S. University or College but only to those wise clients who understand the competitive value and depth our services offer and the security and peace of mind that our formula for success brings to their student and themselves.

Reduce Frustrations and Costly Delays!
Maximize and Accelerate your Application and Admission Portfolio to the U.S.…

Since the number of clients with whom we have confidential one-on-one admission consultancy agreements is limited we collaborate with the student and their families, in-person and via video conferencing.  It is about careful planning and building individual and professional relationships that can and will make a quality difference in your University/College Admissions Journey.

We fully explain the constantly changing U.S. University and College Admissions/Application process and procedures, including but not limited to academic accreditation, program(s)/majors selection, banking/financial, applying for possible scholarships, selecting the best English Language Programs (if necessary), housing, study abroad and the International Student Visa Interview.