Wanting what is best for your student

GET ADMITTED® understands that as a parent you want what is best for your children, and part of that is for them to achieve the best education possible.  However, being able to assist your child when they seek to attend a U.S. University/College is one of the most exciting and difficult decisions and challenges a parent will ever face.  It is also one of the most important decisions that will impact your child’s future – probably more than any other you will make.

Getting a University/College education is an investment that will pay back for a lifetime: people with a U.S. University/College education have better job and career opportunities, earn more money, and develop skills and knowledge that can never be taken away.

You want them to achieve academic and personal success.  Applying to a U.S. University/College can be both  exciting and challenging.  It can also be extremely frustrating.  The key to successful admission demands careful planning and timely completion of required application and admission procedures.

U.S. Universities and Colleges more selective

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Most U.S. Universities and Colleges have continued to become more selective than even 2 or 3 years ago.  They are receiving more applications from both domestic and international students, and experts have predicted that the number of applications will continue to increase much faster than the number of available spaces.  The end result for International Students and their parents is more pressure and frustration in the Application Process than ever before.

Our professional and private admission counseling will assist you and your student to successfully navigate the stressful, complicated and ever increasingly competitive U.S. University/College Application and Admission process.  All of our work is kept strictly confidential.

Developing a strategic admissions plan

Developing a Strategic University/College Application/Admissions and Educational Plan for being admitted to a U.S. University or College provides your student the best opportunity to achieve their full potential, discover their interests, choose a career path and have the knowledge to properly prepare for it. One of our goals is to make parents feel comfortable contacting us to discuss their student and determine their needs and the best plan of action to get them admitted to a U.S. University or College.

We work directly one-on-one with you and your student based on individual needs, resources and requirements to pinpoint, develop and implement an Individual and Customized Strategic University/College Application/Admissions and Educational Plan to maximize their chances for admission to those U.S. schools of their choice.

English or Spanish

GET ADMITTED® professionals are able to speak and work with our clients in English or Spanish during their U.S. University/College Application and Admission process.  This ability greatly assists parents to better understand and assist their student.  We also understand that parents of International Students seeking admission to attend a U.S. University/College may not themselves speak fluent English.

We believe that it is just as important that parents understand the significant difficulties of the University/College Application and Admission process for getting their student admitted to a U.S. University or College of their choice as it is for their student.

GET ADMITTED® makes it a family effort by fully explaining the complex U.S. Higher Educational Systems to all those directly involved in the International Student’s Application/Admissions or Educational Planning.  We encourage active participation and know through years of U.S. University/College Application and Admission experience this helps to provide a high level of confidence and sense of security for both the students and their parents.

Please feel free to email us at or call us at 1 + (612) 532-4438. We are happy to discuss with you (in English or Spanish) how we can assist you and your student to significantly increase their chances of admission acceptance to U.S. Universities and Colleges!