Why Use Get Admitted

GET ADMITTED® is committed to helping International Students select and gain admission to U.S. Universities/Colleges.  We assist our clients to understand U.S. University/College Applications and Admissions procedures, while helping to keep them focused, organized, motivated and confident throughout the entire International Student Application and Admissions process.

In-country high school counselors may offer some assistance but simply do not have the time, relevant information or the level of University/College admissions experience required to give you the advantage in the competitive U.S. Application and Admission environment!

The reality is the vast majority of non-native English speaking international students seeking admission into a competitive University/College are at a very distinct disadvantage when compared to their U.S. student counterpart.  Most international students who wish to make application to a U.S. University/College may not yet speak English or are not yet at a level of English proficiency where they can realistically begin to assemble an Application for Admission that will set them apart from their competition before a University or College International Student Admissions Committee.

The net result is typically a significant delay in beginning the application process costing the student and their family precious time, money, frustration and stress.  Even for those students who do speak fluent English the difficulty in successfully navigating the extremely competitive University/College application and admission process can be just as overwhelming!

U.S. students have the advantage of English being their native language.  They have access to numerous materials and information in English on the application and admission process including the changing requirements of those Universities/Colleges where they seek to make application.  U.S. students know just how fiercely competitive and important it is that their Application(s) for Admission maximize their talents and academic strengths.

Most successful University/College applicants have been preparing and fine tuning their academic and personal application portfolio several years prior to their high school graduation.  They know that these are the foundation building blocks for their U.S. University/College Applications for Admission Portfolio.  Combine that with the increasing numbers of U.S. applicants competitively seeking the same number of university or college spaces and the chances for an International Student getting admitted to a University or College of their choice becomes even lower.

GET ADMITTED® creates  real value for our clients by offering individual, precise and powerful U.S. University and College Application and Admissions Enhancement Consulting that produces results!