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GET ADMITTED® practical U.S. University/College Application/Admissions Consultancy helps to level an unfair playing field by optimizing your chances of admission through our comprehensive and highly individualized University/College Application/Admissions and Educational Planning services in English or Spanish.  We are the only premier University/College Application/Admissions and Educational Planning firm whose strategic focus is on International Students from Latin America and the Caribbean.

GET ADMITTED® will substantially reduce both the frustration and expensive delay that our clients typically experience in their U.S. University/College Application Process.  We accomplish this by being able to work individually with our clients in either English or Spanish.  Being able to work with materials in either English or Spanish helps our clients to maximize and accelerate the development of their Comprehensive University/College Application(s) and Admission Portfolio while they are improving any needed English language proficiency skills.  Should clients prefer the option to work directly in English, the professional level of our expertise and services are identical.  We are the only premier University/College Application/Admission Consultancy firm that is so progressive in addressing client needs and requirements.

GET ADMITTED® also understands that parents of International Students seeking admission to attend a U.S. University/College may not themselves speak fluent English.  Having our professionals able to speak and work with our clients in either Spanish or English during their University/College Application and Admission process greatly assists parents to better understand and assist their student.  We believe that it is just as important that parents understand the significant difficulties of the U.S. University/College Application and Admission process for getting their student admitted to a University/College of their choice as it is for their student.

GET ADMITTED® makes it a family effort by fully explaining the complex U.S. higher educational systems to all those directly involved in the International Student’s Application and Admissions or Educational Planning.  We encourage active participation and know through years of U.S. University/College Application and Admission experience this helps to provide a high level of confidence and sense of security for both the students and their parents.

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